Precision D├ęcor Tile Ltd is a distinguished Manufacturer and Supplier of natural stone tiles, The company owns quarries from where the following natural products are extracted and processed by cutting into precise angled tiles and slabs then sold to any building associated firms and individuals. The a company which has been formed to particularly deal in production and marketing of natural stone tiles to the construction market by using state of the art stone tile cutting and polishing machines. The company has set up this natural stone tile cutting and polishing facility at Tanga Gofu Industrial.

The company owner of PRECISION DECOR NATURAL TILES LTD coupled with experience and knowledge of its Chief executive Officer, Debora Maimu had ventured into this line of business arid the company.


The company owns large deposit stone quarries that are spread over an area of . We use Imported Machines, packing Machine, Cutting Machine and Tiles Polishing Machine. We extract the natural stones, after the stones are extracted they are transported to the cutting machines for size reduction, and proper angled setting.

Quality Assurance

Our Products are Analyzed By Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). Also has been approved and Licensed By Tanzanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral and provided the company with Private Mining License (PML) .


Currently, the company processes and sells its products to the East and central African market. We also accept whole sell orders from dealers.


Our objective is to produce and sell on the Tanzanian construction market natural stone tiles cut to high precision. Secondly, to establish a reliable market for raw stone tiles and slab produced by small scale miners at source through smart partnership.


To provide quality products that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers